A Comprehensive Offender Management System

The complexity, breadth and risk of corrections operations requires a solution to help officers and staff know the offenders they have in their care – quickly, accurately and reliably. CORIS® OMS delivers on those fundamental requirements in a proven, flexible, highly-configurable, COTS-based solution.

CORIS® OMS is a comprehensive system for managing every aspect of offender information across the entire through-care cycle. It is a purpose-built solution for the corrections mission, based on 17 standard corrections business processes. It is comprised of over 25 separate modules which enables the corrections agency to implement their solution according to their own strategic priorities – either as a single, all-encompassing project, or in a series of phases based on needs and budget.

Deployment Flexibility

CORIS® OMS offers deployment flexibility as well. It can be deployed in the cloud on Microsoft Azure for Government, the only CJIS and FEDRAMP compliant cloud solution, or in traditional, agency-managed on-premise data centers or third-party hosting environments.

Product Delivery Approach

Abilis has proven itself through multiple implementations of the CORIS® OMS Platform in corrections agencies of diverse size and requirements. We provide comprehensive, standards-based project management to ensure successful outcomes for our customers. Through our adherence to widely-accepted project management standards, we ensure a high degree of project visibility and cost predictability for our customers, and provide a ready yardstick to make sure we hire the best possible employees for our projects.

Overall, our successful approach to Offender Management System implementations is based on four main criteria:

Collaboration – close collaboration with our agency partners, at multiple levels of our respective organizations

Governance – implementation and reliance on a strong governance model from the outset

Communication – constant, open and proactive communication on project activity and progress

Reporting – regular, detailed reporting against all key objectives, deliverables and milestones

These best practices, along with the assignment of an experienced and dedicated team should provide the agency’s executives with the assurances they require for a project of this magnitude and critical importance.

Pictured below is a high-level summary timeline chart which shows the major stages and approximate timelines for deployment of the CORIS® OMS. The completeness of our COTS solution, combined with its configurability, as well as the proven project management and delivery experience of our teams, ensures that most OMS modernizations can be completed in less than two years.

CORIS® OMS Platform Screenshots