Our Innovative Partners

Abilis specializes in the development and delivery of purpose-built offender management systems for the global corrections market. To address certain needs of our customer base and enrich our overall solution, we consistently turn to a core group of proven technology partners. We are always seeking to collaborate with new partners when the need arises. Please contact us if you are interested in partnering with Abilis Solutions and its CORIS® product suite.

For cloud-based deployment requirements, Abilis has teamed with Microsoft, which will deploy the CORIS® OMS on Microsoft Azure Government, its proven, secure, cloud-based platform engineered specifically for government demands. Fully certified against numerous US and international standards, Microsoft Azure Government is the only major cloud platform which is CJIS-compliant. With this highly-scalable, cost-effective solution, agency data resides securely in state-of-the-art data centers which are more than 500 miles apart, ensuring true geographic redundancy.

Abilis is a recognized leader in business intelligence for corrections. Our partnership with Tableau Software is one of the principal reasons why our reputation is so well known. Tableau is rapid-fire business intelligence software that enables anyone to analyze data quickly. Its intuitive user interface means there’s no need for canned reports, dashboard widgets, or templates to get started. All you need is your data and the questions you want to answer. Tableau has transformed the way people use data to solve problems, making data analysis fast, easy and beautiful. It enables corrections leaders to gain powerful insights into operational effectiveness and strategic threats.

Abilis utilizes NorthPointe’s Compas product which is the most scientifically advanced risk and needs assessment tool for both adult and youth offenders. Northpointe, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Volaris Group, was formed in 1989 by Dave Wells and Dr. Tim Brennan. The company specializes in providing adult and youth criminal justice services to local and state government. Their technical solutions are intended to link improved case information processing, valid risk assessment, intelligent officer classification, comprehensive database structuring, and user-friendly software development to enable evidenced-based , decision-making for criminal justice agencies.

Part of CORIS® interface capabilities works in collaboration with Hunter System’s biometric system for NIST-compliant mugshots. Widely used in justice and public safety agencies, Hunter Systems  products enable fast, accurate capture, management and display of high-resolution images that are essential to effective identification of offenders under care.

Birst deploys holistic, embedded, enterprise-grade, self-serve analytical solutions. Its investments in analytical data automation, exploration, adaptive user experience and modern multi-tenant architectural thinking are unique in the marketplace.

With continued population growth in prisons and jails, there is an immediate need for automated real-time tracking of inmates as well as related staff, assets, and equipment. The traditional, manual methods of collecting data on all personnel and resources is time consuming and costly. Radianse technology brings the most comprehensive, patented, proven, and secure methods for facility management to the corrections industry. Abilis has partnered with Radianse to pursue its vision of helping the correctional agencies and professionals realize a safer and more secure world, and to enable offenders to re-enter their communities in a successful, dignified manner.

xG Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: XGTI, XGTIW), a leader in providing critical wireless communications for use in challenging operating environments, announces that it has entered into a teaming agreement with Abilis Solutions Inc. and Radio IP Software Inc. to include xMax broadband network technology in a secure wireless system for use by correctional agencies.