CORIS® Administrator & Developer Network

Being a CORIS® customer also means being part of the CORIS® administrator  and developer network. CORIS® is built using an open and modular architecture that enables certified members of the CORIS® community to create, configure and administer new business applications that meet their unique needs, and then share those developments with other CORIS® customers.

To maintain high development standards and ensure integrations remain seamless within the CORIS® framework, Abilis will train and certify agency technical staff to build modules that can be easily implemented into the existing framework. This allos agencies with existing technical teams to leverage their internal resources to build business applications using the CORIS® Technical Framework without having to adjust the underlying infrastructure, saving the agency valuable time and considerable expense.

Flexible Hosting Options

CORIS® is a flexible system that can be hosted under multiple configurations, both on-site and off. The architecture described can be supported by several hosting options.

On-premise Hosting

The traditional approach to OMS hosting is management within an established data center, run by technical staff which work directly for the agency or the overarching jurisdiction. Such data centers typically host environments for Production, Staging, UAT and Training on agency- or jurisdiction-supplied hardware assets, managed by dedicated agency or jurisdiction staff.

Third-party Hosting

With the costs of building, maintaining and managing data centers continually increasing, many agencies seek to host their OMS with an established, local third-party hosting provider. In such a scenario, Production, Staging, UAT, and Training environments are deployed in a secure, specialized facility, and managed 24x7x365 by trained technical staff. Application support and maintenance approaches are variable – provided by agency or Abilis staff – and need to be specified at the time of requirements gathering.

Cloud Hosting

The power, scalability, reliability, security, and cost-effectiveness of cloud-based OMS solution is increasingly driving corrections agencies to embrace this approach as a core requirement for OMS modernization. To address this need, Abilis has partnered with Microsoft Azure Government to host the complete CORIS® system in the cloud. The complete set of primary and secondary environments (Production, Staging, UAT, Training, and Disaster Recovery) are hosted on Azure and are managed 24x7x365 by a specialized team from Microsoft. This approach ensures that the Disaster Recovery site is hosted at a distinct geographical location from the primary environments, which offers true, comprehensive redundancy and fault-tolerance  in case of an emergency or natural disaster. The agency needs to provide a maintenance and operation team for the CORIS® system, or Abilis can establish a team, if necessary, in partnership with Microsoft. Microsoft Azure Government is a proven, secure, cloud-based platform engineered specifically for government demands. Fully certified against numerous US and international standards, Microsoft Azure Government is the only major cloud platform which is FedRAMP & CJIS-compliant.

Proactive, Responsive Support and Maintenance

Abilis recognizes that corrections agencies place mission-critical importance on their offender management systems. Accordingly, we have skilled technical resources with expertise across all functional and technical aspects of the CORIS® OMS Platform. They are capable of responding quickly and effectively to address any issue that arises to ensure that our customers can run their operations safely and efficiently. The stable design of the CORIS® OMS Platform, combined with the responsiveness of our support and maintenance team, has resulted in exceptional system uptime over the last five years: during that period, our customers have not experienced a single minute of downtime, other than planned maintenance outages.

Comprehensive User Training

The strength of an OMS solution depends on the availability and quality of training, for system administrators and end users alike. Abilis has developed a comprehensive training program for the CORIS® OMS Platform, and is experienced in multiple modes of delivery, such as Train-the-Trainer, classroom-based, and eLearning. CORIS® offers extensive documentation as well as context-sensitive and interactive help across every business process module, and Abilis documentation specialists are skilled in providing tailored training materials to support customized functions.