CORIS® Customers

Offender management solutions from Abilis have been proven in multiple agencies, and have consistently and successfully evolved with the changing needs of each of our customers. Collectively, CORIS® manages more than 220,000 offenders, probationers and parolees. As well, over 25,000 corrections professionals use CORIS® in more than 280 secure facilities and community corrections offices around the world. If you would like to speak with one of our current customers, please contact us for referral information.

Collaborative Partnerships with our Customers

From the beginning, Abilis’ approach to delivering corrections solutions has centered on the importance of an open, collaborative partnership with our customers. Together, we work with them to understand their immediate and long-term operational needs so that we can continue to achieve the best results our customers seek – on time, on budget, and according to well-defined specifications. Also, the business drivers and technology insights our customers provide are critical inputs we carry forth to our product and services roadmap processes, which help improve the CORIS® product suite for all current and future users.

Customer Loyalty

Of the major OMS vendors, only Abilis can claim a track record of 100% customer retention. This achievement reflects our strong belief in the value of a collaborative partnership with our customers. The customer loyalty we enjoy is based on a combination of factors, including the functional breadth and performance of our CORIS® OMS Platform, the responsiveness of our employee base to satisfy customer requirements, and our commitment to continually invest in a sound, market-based evolution of our products and services.