An Information-centric Vision

Across the globe, corrections agencies face complex, but common, challenges. To ensure the safety of officers and offenders, as well as prepare the offender for successful re-entry into society, agencies must have a complete and accurate understanding of every offender in their care. With greater focus on reducing the cost of corrections, budgets are constantly under pressure, forcing agencies to identify ways to drive greater efficiency into operations. And to effectively monitor and identify security risks, as well as measure operational performance, agency leaders understand the need to analyze the vast quantity of data in their mission-critical information systems.

Abilis understands these challenges in exceptional detail. With 15 years of focused corrections experience, we embrace an information-centric approach to meeting corrections objectives, delivering the intelligence our customers need to run a better agency. Our highly innovative, fully integrated solutions emphasize data integrity and accuracy, to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the offender throughout the entire care cycle. The design of our systems ensures rapid information delivery to officers and staff across the corrections enterprise, with proven scalability to thousands of concurrent users.

The CORIS® family of offender management solutions (OMS) sets Abilis apart in the corrections market. Proven in multiple corrections environments of diverse size, CORIS® is a comprehensive, COTS-based solution, purpose-built to address industry standard business processes. Its open, modular design enables agencies to prioritize their most pressing information needs, and effectively integrate with other mission-critical corrections and justice systems. With the ability to run in on-premise and cloud-based Microsoft Azure environments, CORIS® provides a highly responsive, secure solution for prison and community operations. The CORIS® OMS is designed for use on traditional PC-based workstations, as well as on smart phones (iOS, Android and Windows platforms), and Microsoft Surface Pro, ensuring maximum staff efficiency through provision of task-specific computing power at the point where tasks take place.

Our adherence to corrections standards for key business processes and our design commitments to a highly configurable, COTS-based solution enables fast time to value for our customers. Our project management and technical experts, working closely with our customers, typically achieve complete transition from legacy systems to CORIS® within 24 months, often less. The result is a faster realization of information and operational benefits for the agency.

Abilis customers benefit from our commitment to solving corrections information management challenges for the long-term. Our evergreen technology strategy ensures that solutions will never be obsolete. As needed, we certify agency system administrators and developers to maintain their own environments and create custom modules. And we continually invest – with significant input from across our full customer base – in a long-term product roadmap to ensure sound evolution of our offerings to meet ever-changing corrections requirements.

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The demanding business issues confronting corrections agencies everywhere requires open, candid conversations about proven and innovative ways to address them. To ensure we have an active voice in the market and share our experiences and thoughts about the advancement of industry technology, Abilis is an active member of numerous professional organizations and standards-setting bodies.